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Topro Rollz Motion Rollator and Wheelchair in one.

Topro Rollz Motion Rollator and Wheelchair in one.

Rollz Motion Rollator and Wheelchair in one

  • Innovative drum brakes for safe and balanced braking.
  • Cross doorsteps and kerbs easily with the threshold aid
  • Manoeuvrable - Light steering and easy motion with the manoeuvrable front wheels.
  • The Rollz Motion is easily foldable into a compact package

The new innovative Rollz Motion, a fantastic rollator and wheelchair in one. 

The Rollz Motion is an ergonomically designed rollator with a strong but lightweight frame, with height adjustable ergonomic hand grips that helps you to walk steadily and upright.

Detailed Specifications

Warranty 12 mnths
Colours Purple, Orange, Ice Blue & Light Grey
Back Rest Yes
Wheels 12in
Brakes Yes Locking
Tray No
Bag Yes
Basket No
Seat Height 22in / 54cm
Adjustable Handle Height Yes
Adjustable Seat Height No
Folding Yes
Width 24in
Product Weight 10kg
User Weight 20st
Topro Rollz Motion Rollator and Wheelchair in one.

Product Specs

Should you need to change it to a wheelchair then you will find the Rollz Motion a very comfortable ride with a cushioned seat and natural suspension thanks to the foam-filled rear tyres and it is highly manoeuvrable  with its light steering and easy motion front wheels.

From rollator to wheelchair at a flick of the wrist:

  • Before you leave home, click the Rollz wheelchair attachment into place on the rollator.
  • Pull the backrest into position in one flowing motion.
  • Turn the handles from the rollator position into the push position, and adjust them to the right height for the person who is going to push. 
  • Then click the footrests into place at the front.