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Drive Devilbiss Flashing Quad Cane Tip

Drive Devilbiss Flashing Quad Cane Tip

Drive Devilbiss Flashing Quad Cane Tip


Flashing Quad Cane Tip

  • Flashing mode enables user to be seen in the dark
  • Quad design provides increased stability
  • Sensor reactive, flashes as cane tip touches surface
  • Easy fit without tools to most 19mm canes

The Flashing Quad Cane Tip is sensor reactive and flashes each time the ferrule makes contact with the walking surface the quad tip design increases traction and stability, enabling users to feel more confident on all terrains. Easy to fit with no tools required, the Flashing Quad Cane Tip includes a battery and is available in three different colours, white, red and blue.

The Drive DeVilbiss Flashing Quad Cane Tip enables cane users to be more visible at night. It is ideal for street crossings and other hazardous situations, allowing the user to be seen in dark environments. The LED light can also be switched off to conserve battery life by simply touching the on/off button and a battery is included.