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Topro Odysse Rollator

Topro Odysse Rollator

Topro Odysse Rollator

Topro Odysse Rollator

  •  UniqueTwo Way Folding System
  •  Quick release comfort changeable wheels
  •  Locking brakes
  •  Specially designed travel bag included
  •  Easy height adjusting handles

The Topro Odysse is a very versitlie lightweight 4 wheel walking aid that has a two way folding mechanism that folds it to a very compact size for easy transportation and storage. The two way folding system has a safety feature that will not allow the walker to be folded downwards before it has been completely folded sideways.

The Odysse has a tension adjustable backrest and a larger than most shopping bag and comes complete with a carry bag for easy handling.

Max user weight capacity 23.5st /150kg

Product weight 8.2kg / 18lb complete



Detailed Specifications


Warranty 12 mths
Back Rest Yes
Wheels 8in
Brakes Yes Locking
Tray Optional
Bag Yes
Colours Blue or Green      


Seat Height 25in / 62cm
Adjustable Handle Height Yes  32.6in /81.5 - 40in /100 cm
Adjustable Seat Height No
Folding Yes -2 way
Width 24in / 60cm
User Weight 23.5st / 150kg
Topro Odysse Rollator

Easy to Fold

The Topro Odysse folds to a compact size by simply pulling the handle that is located on the seat upwards and the walker will fold just like the other rollators in the opro range. However the 2 way folding system enables the Odysse to fold downwards too giving you a smaller, easier to carry rollator that fits into a holdall.

Unique 2 Way Folding System

The Topro Odysse unique two-way folding mechanism allows it to be neatly packed away into its own specially designed travel bag. When folded, the Odysse’s dimensions are just 75cm x 44.5cm x 24.5cm and fits into the holdell that comes with the rollator, making it easy to carry and store.

With a safe folding mechanism the Odysse cannot be folded downwards before completely folded sideway

Topro Odysse Rollator
Topro Odysse Rollator

Adjustable Handle Height 

The handles on the Odysse are easy to adjust, just loosen the easy grip location screw and set to the required height. The height increments are numbered to make it easier to set both sides equally giving a  height range of 32.6in / 81.5 up to 40in / 100 cm. 

Large Wheels

With soft tyres that soak up vibration and large wheels for outdoor use, the Topro premium range of rollators have different tyres available for different terrains.

A good braking system provides a feeling of stability, peace of mind and safety, so the Odysse has hub brakes that are activated when squeezing the brake handles

Topro Odysse Rollator