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EZ Fold N Go Rollator

EZ Fold N Go Rollator

EZ Fold N Go Rollator

EZ Fold N Go Rollator

The EZ Fold N Go Rollator is an extremely lightweight walking aid and can fold 3 x smaller than the average rollator. It is so compact when folded that it measures just 91cm x 33cm x 25cm so is ideal to store in small places in the home or when travelling by car, bus, train or plane. 

Key Features

The height adjustable handles can accommodate users from 4ft 10 inch to 6ft and there is a convenient seat which is perfect for a short rest whilst out and about.
The 6 inch wheels allow trouble free maneouvering over most surfaces and there is not 1 but 2 handy carry bags for ample storage.

Max user weight 17.7st / 113kg

EZ Fold N Go Rollator
EZ Fold N Go Rollator

The locking brakes are easy to operate, they simply push down to lock so you can sit down safely.

They are also used for slowing you down when you walk down hill if needed.

The EZ Fold N Go Rollator has ample storage, as well as the large underseat bag there are two handy front pockets for smaller items such as wallets and keys.

EZ Fold N Go Rollator