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Invacare Kite Electric Powered Wheelchair

Invacare Kite Electric Powered Wheelchair

Invacare Kite Electric Powered Wheelchair

Kite Electric Powered Wheelchair

  • Unique Dual Swing Technology ( D.S.T.® )
  •  Compact and manoeuvrable
  •  Able to hold batteries up to 75ah
  •  Easy to access electronics
  •  Max User weight 136kg

The Invacare Kite Electric Wheelchair can be used either inside or outdoors and has been designed and built to include Invacare’s new patented wheelbase technology. This extremely adaptable electric powered wheelchair is fully loaded with fantastic features including Dual Swing Technology® (D.S.T.® ). DST is an exclusive suspension system that will ensure the most exceptional driving comfort and more traction.

Detailed Specifications

Drives Wheels 14in solid
Kerb Climber Optional Extra
Controller Standard, but upgrades available
Head Rest Optional
Foot Rests Swing away
Arm Rests Fully Adjustable
Adjustable Seat Fully Configurable
User Weight 21st / 136kg
Castors 10in solid
Warranty 12 mnths
Speed 4 or 6 mph
Max Length 45.6in / 114cm
Max Width 23.6in / 59cm
Folding Chair No
Suspension Yes
Drive Train Rear Wheel Drive
Battery Capacity 73ah
Range 24 miles
Portable/Car Boot No
Colours Electric Red, Silver Metallic Transparent Blue or Black
Invacare Kite Electric Powered Wheelchair

Product Specs

Ideal for the active user, the Kite is a very stylish, compact everyday use powerchair that loves the outdoor life.  The Invacare Kite delivers the most up-to-date Invacare technology, such as SSD-motors, G-Trac and the (D.S.T.® ) suspension system, that allows an extremely smooth, enjoyable ride. The bumpers are fundamental with the DST system, which as opposed to sprung suspension will soak up the bumps and minimizes vibration so you can experience a much smoother ride.

At the heart of the DST is the pendulum axis, which works in tandem with the central shock absorbers, resulting in superior balance and confidence. The DST operates both horizontally and vertically. It allows for independent or combined movements. Even with an exceptionally narrow wheelbase of 600 mm, the Kite can house large batteries of up to 73 Ah - unique for a powered wheelchair in this class. 

This seriously modular Powerchair can be specifically configured to the users requirements. Select from options such as larger 73ah batteries to give a greater range or a heavy-duty option giving you powerful  4-pole motors along with 90A power module for heavier users.

Additional Info

  • The seat angle on the Kite can be set by a spindle or is electronically adjustable to enable better stability and downhill driving and the Kite also offers the Modulite™ seat system.
  • The base has a telescopic seat frame and side rail the enables particular positioning of armrests and accessories.
  • There is a selection of Matrx® backs that can be incorporated into the Modulite™ seat system to give the best postural support and positioning and there is even a 550 mm wide seat frame to accommodate the larger user. 
  • The Kite has a well designed LED lighting package with the back lights being built into the rear shroud and easy tool free access to the batteries and electronics help make maintaining your chair hassle free.  
  • Obstacles are no problem for this chair as the large 10” castors along with the new suspended forks give a comfortable driving experience.
  • Colours: Electric Red, Silver Metallic, Transparent Blue or Black
Invacare Kite Electric Powered Wheelchair