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SupaScoota Sport HD Portable Mobility Scooter

SupaScoota Sport HD Portable Mobility Scooter

SupaScoota Sport HD Portable Mobility Scooter

Sport HD Portable Mobility Scooter

  • Off-board charging
  •  Speed switch 2 or 4mph
  •  New Electronic Stability Control 
  •  Up to 10 mile range
  •  Comfort seat with added suspension
  •  Lithium upgrade available

The SupaScoota Sport HD is suitable for our more demanding customers. WATCH VIDEO REVIEW Finally a truly portable scooter with lots of leg room and a large 110kg load capacity. Long distance travel in complete comfort or confined indoor use, the choice is yours.

We cover area's for this super lightweight portable mobility scooter of: Basingstoke, Andover, Aldershot, Alton, Newbury, Hartley Whitney, Farnham, Farnbourgh, Winchester.

If you would like to hire/rent this lightweight portable folding mobility scooter then please click here  supascoota sport HD

Additional Info

The SupaScoota has many important features that are not normally found on a lightweight scooter, including

  • Both forward and reverse drive
  • Automatic electromagnetic safety breaks (so you don’t need to manually operate a handbrake)
  • Optional, low-cost stability package helps to make the SupaScoota an incredibly safe mobility scooter that is ideal for both inexperienced users and people with low core body strength.
  • Fingertip control has been incorporated into the SupaScoota as standard, and includes an on/off key; forward and reverse switch; battery gauge and an exceptionally safe and easy to use finger control lever.
Fully dismantled

Fully dismantled


Product Specs

Dual motor drive system makes light work of off-pavement use and steep hills so you can go anywhere with total security. Super light frame design (the heaviest part only 10.2kg) with seat suspension, the Supascoota Sport HD is designed to handle challenging conditions.

There is an optional lithium battery upgrade which give a greater range of up to 11 miles as well as on-board spare battery tray should you wish to take an extra battery on your travels. Easy to take apart the SupaScoota Sport HD easily disassembles into 5 lightweight pieces small enough to fit into most car boots or to store away.

When the user releases the throttle lever the SupaScoota will automatically decelerate and stop safely through the use of dynamic electromagnetic breaking system. Even when at maximum speed the stopping distance is only 1.5m on level surfaces (removing any danger of the mobility scooter freewheeling out-of-control!) The SupaScoota will stop quickly and safely every time.

Detailed Specifications


Warranty 12 mths
Adjustable Tiller Yes
Front Basket Yes
Colour Hammer Blue   
Lights/Indicators No
Tyres Pneumatic
Seat Swivel No
Head Rest No
Adjustable Back Folding
Adjustable Seat Folding
Chair Weight 10.4kg
Suspension Yes


Rear Wheel Diameter 10in
Front Wheel Diameter 8in
Max Length 41in / 100cm
Max Width 26in / 60cm
Scooter Weight 42kg / 92.4lbs
Heaviest Part 12kg / 26lbs
Battery Capacity SLA 14ah or Lithium 15ah
Range 8 miles
Portable / Car Boot Yes
User Weight 20st
Speed 4mph