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Minimo Plus 4 Folding Scooter

Minimo Plus 4 Folding Scooter

Minimo Plus 4 Folding Scooter

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Minimo Plus 4 Folding Scooter


  • Standard 4 wheel configuration with wide front axel for more stability
  • Folds in a single simple movement
  • Adjustable tiller and foldable armrests as standard
  • Pneumatic tyres for enhanced comfort, range and ground clearance
  • Safety sensor to control cornering speeds

The Minimo Plus 4 portable mobility scooter is an addition to the award winning Minimo family with extra features and is even easier to manage. The 4 wheels give this scooter more stability and the pneumatic tyres provide a much smoother, more comfortable ride whilst also contributing to extra range and ground clearance.

The lithium battery pack is so light at just 3kg it can be lifted with one finger but it has a larger capacity to give a greater range and durability and the electronics have been improved with a more powerful control unit that gives the Minimo Plus 4 greater ability over more challenging terrain.

Detailed Specifications


Warranty 24 mths
Adjustable Tiller Yes
Front Basket No
Colour White or Bronze   
Lights/Indicators Yes lights only
Tyres Pnuematic
Seat Swivel No
Head Rest No
Adjustable Back No
Adjustable Seat No
Chair Weight 5kg / 11lbs
Suspension No


Rear Wheel Diameter 9in
Front Wheel Diameter 7in
Max Length 37in / 96cm
Max Width 20in / 50cm
Scooter Weight 30kg / 64lbs
Heaviest Part N/A
Battery Capacity Lithium 11.5ah
Range 10 miles
Portable / Car Boot Yes
User Weight 18st / 115kg
Speed 4mph
Minimo Plus 4 Folding Scooter

Easy Folding Action

The Minimo Plus 4 has a simple, award winning folding mechanism giving it fantastic portability. Quickly and easily fold your scooter away when not in use, making it ideal for transporting in your car or vehicle and for storing in a garage, shed or your home.

Compact Folding Design

The Minimo Plus 4 folds easily into one complete compact unit for the car boot or storage and it is very easy to manoeuvre in the folded position.

Minimo Plus 4 Folding Scooter