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Jetmarine 5in Standard door threshold ramp

Jetmarine 5in Standard door threshold ramp

5in Standard door threshold ramp

  • Made from fibreglass
  • Strong, lightweight and portable
  • 5 inches in height
  • Non - slip surface
  • Ideal for doors, kerbs and steps

At last an easy to use portable lightweight fibre glass ramp, a quick and easy solution to gain access with your wheelchair or scooter when there are restrictions by a door threshold, kerb stones or even steps. This 5 inch threshold ramp only weighs 4kg so it is light and easy to use, it can be trimmed and profile cut for a perfect fit into thresholds and it allows doors to open and close without restriction.

Detailed Specifications

User weight 42st / 254kg
Weight 8.8lb / 4kg
Overall Width 30in / 78cm
Internal Width -
Length 18in / 45cm
Folding No