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Primacare Brecon Dual Motor Tilt in Space Riser...

Primacare Brecon Dual Motor Tilt in Space Riser Recliner

Brecon Dual Motor Tilt in Space Riser Recliner

  • Optional Pressure or Gel cushioning
  • Extending footboard option available
  • Choice of seven mechanisms
  • Waterfall back for ultimate comfort and support
  • Wide range of fabrics
  • Heat and massage available

Primacare build quality bespoke made to measure riser recliner armchairs in a range of designs to suit individual needs.

The Brecon Tilt in Space dual motor chair offers complete comfort and control allowing the ultimate seating position and can be made to suit most users.

Detailed Specifications

Removable Back Cushions Yes
Fabric Standard Vinyl Leather Panvelle
Arm Covers as standard No
Side Pockets Yes
Motors 2
Battery Back Up Yes
Seat to Floor Made to Measure
Seat Depth & Depth Made to Measure
Frame Metal - Wood
Reclining Positions Infinite Reclining Positions
User Weight 20st
Back Zip Cushions Yes
Colour Multiple swatches
Warranty 12 mths
Primacare Brecon Dual Motor Tilt in Space Riser Recliner

More info

With three soft cushions that can be adjusted vertically to support you in the three important areas of your back, the lower, middle and the head & shoulders and the cushion filling can be added or removed to suit, the Brecon is a truly versatile choice.

The Dual Motor with Tilt In Space allows you to maintain the seat to back angle while you recline and if you prefer independent leg and backrest movement then this type of mechanism will be well suited to your needs.


Lift Mechanism

The Brecon chair will gently raise you up to a level that will make it far easier to get out.

This is a great help for those with lack of mobility, weakness or pain in the back, hip and knee areas.

The lift angle can be varied depending on the ability of the user, with a 30 degree seat incline the seat rises 5 inches, a 20 degree raises the front of the seat 8 inches and a 10 degree will lift the seat 11 inches.

Primacare Brecon Dual Motor Tilt in Space Riser Recliner
Primacare Brecon Dual Motor Tilt in Space Riser Recliner


When you want to put your feet up the Dual motor will enable you to do just that leaving your back in an upright position. Should you want to lie back in the chair then the second motor will move the back independantly so you can recline as little or as much as you wish to help you get the perfect position.