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Dual Tilt in Space

Dual Tilt in Space

Dual Tilt in Space

Royal Dual Tilt in Space with Drop in Cushion

  • Pillow back for comfort and support
  • Seat cut out for drop in pressure cushion
  • Made to measure for a bespoke fit
  • Average delivery time 7-10 days
  • Large choice of waterproof severe contract crib5 fabrics

This Royal Dual Motor Tilt in Space Chair with a drop in cushion option is designed for those who need a chair that can cater for a higher level of mobility and pressure care. The chair allows the freedom to change the pressure reducing cushions quickly and easily.


Detailed Specifications

Removable Back Cushions Yes
Fabric Standard, Vinyl, Leather, Panvelle
Arm Cover as standard No
Side Pockets Yes
Motors 2
Battery Back Up Yes
Seat to Floor Made to Measure
Seat Depth & Depth Made to Measure
Frame Metal
Reclining Positions Infinite Reclining Positions
User Weight 20st
Back Zip Cushions Yes
Colour Multiple swatches
Warranty 12 mths
Dual Tilt in Space

Drop in Cushion

The option for a drop in cushion is particularly benificial for those who suffer from pressure issues and therefore may need to change to a higher risk level of cushion like gel or air. The cut out in the chair allows for the seating to be replaced should the clients needs change making it a much cheaper option then having to replace the whole chair.


Stretch Fabric Seating

Pressure cushions needs a stretch fabric cover to make pressure relief as effective as possible.

The footboard wrap can be covered in the same fabric to give a more consistant look or can be covered in the same chair fabric to match in with the rest of the chair.

Dual Tilt in Space
Dual Tilt in Space

Lift Action

The lift action on the chair enables you to raise up to your desired height so you can get up from the chair with ease. This is extremely beneficial for those with limited mobility or suffer pain, stiffness or weakness in the leg hip or back area

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