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Primacare Milan 4 Motor Chair

Primacare Milan 4 Motor Chair

Milan 4 Motor Chair

  •  Accessories available
  •  Easy to use handset
  •  Twin needle stitching
  •  Incredible 4 motor mechanism
  •  Average delivery time 2–4 weeks

The Milan is a modern, contemporary chair combined with super soft comfortable seat and back cushioning.

Detailed Specifications

Removable Back Cushions No
Fabric Standard, Vinyl, Leather, Panvelle
Arm Covers as standard No
Side Pockets No
Motors 4
Battery Back Up Yes
Seat to Floor Made to Measure
Seat Depth & Depth Made to Measure
Frame Metal
Reclining Positions Infinite Reclining Positions
User Weight 18st
Back Zip Cushions Yes
Colour Multiple swatches
Warranty 12 mths
Primacare Milan 4 Motor Chair

Product Specs

This stylish chair boasts twin needle stitching which is shown off to its fullest when the fabric used is plain and contemporary like the new ultima fabric, a high wearing leather look PU. 

The Milan is a bespoke chair made by British craftsman, it has an 18st weight capacity and has the benefit of a 4 motor mechanism that allows each motor to be individually cotrolled.


The Milan fully reclines operating a tilt in space action to reduce shear. A full recline will elevate the legs high enough to help reduce any leg and ankle swelling and the 'zero gravity' position evenly distributes weight across the body to help relieve pressure.

Primacare Milan 4 Motor Chair
Primacare Milan 4 Motor Chair

Lift Action

The Milan will lift 5 inches of verticle rise before gently tilting to your required height to help you stand more easily. 

Milan Handset

Although there are multiple buttons, the Milan handset is very easy to use. Each button highlights which part of the chair it activates.

Primacare Milan 4 Motor Chair

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