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Drive Devilbiss All Purpose Perching Stool

Drive Devilbiss All Purpose Perching Stool

All Purpose Perching Stool

  • Product weight 13lb / 6kg                           
  • Max user weight 21st / 135kg
  • Seat size W 14in / 36cm x D 10.5in / 27cm x H 21-27in / 53-69cm
  • Overall width 17in / 43cm
  • Overall depth 17in / 43cm

This comfortable perching stool has a padded seat and back rest and the removable, adjustable arm supports along with the angled seat helps makes it easier to get up. Height adjustable legs give a varied choice of between 21-27in seat height and the non-slip rubber feet give extra grip and stability.

User weight 21st / 135kg

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