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Drive Devilbiss NEW Uccello PowerPour Kettle

Drive Devilbiss NEW Uccello PowerPour Kettle

Uccello PowerPour Kettle

  •  Tea making made easy
  •  Quiet boiling
  •  1.5 Litres capacity
  •  50Hz | 1850-2200 Watts
  •  220-240 Volts
  •  Input power: 2000W

This fantastically engineered Uccello PowerPour Kettle has been designed and crafted to make everyday life a whole lot easier. With a weighted non-slip base and unique PowerPour technology the Kettle effortlessly tips and pours’ hot water into the fixed position of the cup safely.

Product Specs

The Uccello has an easy to see water level indicator and power on light and with the ergonomic handle for arthritis sufferers.

The Uccello PowerPour can easily be removed from the stand for optional hand-held pour and water refill.

A hinged lid allows a large easy to fill opening and there is an easy clean anti scale filter.

The Stainless steel element has British Safety Technology automatic cut out control so the kettle won’t overheat.

Drive Devilbiss NEW Uccello PowerPour Kettle