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Drive Devilbiss Long Handled Shoehorn & Dressing...

Drive Devilbiss Long Handled Shoehorn & Dressing Stick

Long Handled Shoehorn & Dressing Stick

  • Long 24in handle
  • Handy shoe horn on one end
  • Ideal for those with limited upper limb movement
  • Soft padded handle

This Long handled shoehorn & dressing stick is useful for individuals who only have the use of one arm or have restricted movement in arms/ shoulders to independently pull on and push off clothes. The dressing stick has a long 24 inch handle that helps minimise arm movement, stretching and bending which is padded to provide a soft, comfortable grip.

A plastic coated “S” hook at one end allows clothing to be pulled up or pushed off whilst the handy shoehorn on opposite end assists with putting on shoes for minimal bending.