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Drive Devilbiss Elephant Feet Chair Raisers

Drive Devilbiss Elephant Feet Chair Raisers

Elephant Feet Chair Raisers

  • Available in 9 and 14cm heights
  • User capacity 60st / 380kg
  • Suitable for use with chairs, beds & tables
  • 3.3in diameter

A safe and economical solution for raising the height of existing chairs to facilitate sitting down/standing up.

Suitable use throughout the home.

Product Specs

These cone shaped grey raisers increase the height of chairs, beds and tables.

The central depression that accepts large furniture legs or castors of up to 8.5cm (3.3") in diameter.

The slip resistant pads ensure extra stability and they are capable of taking the weight capacity of up to 380kg (60st) (including furniture)

Can be used with a wide range of furniture.

Drive Devilbiss Elephant Feet Chair Raisers