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Drive Devilbiss Duo Clip on Handle

Drive Devilbiss Duo Clip on Handle

Drive Devilbiss Duo Clip on Handle

Duo Clip on Handle

  •  Holds cups and mugs of a diameter from 70-90mm.
  •  Care Instructions - Wash in warm water.
  •  Turns a one handled mug into two
  •  Easy to use

DUO is an innovative ergonomic handle that allows you to hold a mug with both hands by simply clipping on the Duo handle.

Product Specs

Holding a mug with two hands increases grip and stability when drinking; DUO provides this benefit whilst also allowing you to use the same mugs as family and friends.

DUO's wraparound style protects hands and fingers from hot mug surfaces, whilst its unique clip on design makes it easy to attach and detach without fuss.

Please note that DUO is not intended to replace the original mug handle and you should lift your mug using both handles.

Drive Devilbiss Duo Clip on Handle