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Rota-Pro® Rotational Chair Bed

Rota-Pro® Rotational Chair Bed

Rota-Pro® Rotational Chair Bed


Rota-Pro® Rotational Chair Bed

  • Bed-to-chair function allows unassisted transfer to and from bed
  • Bed height adjustable from nominal 40cm to 83cm, offering comfortable wheelchair transfer
  • Operates like a conventional profiling bed
  • Leg-lift adjustable from nominal 0° to 40°
  • Electrical adjustment of knee-break from horizontal to +40° & from horizontal to -35°
  • Backrest adjustable from nominal 0° to 80° and headrest by a further 30°


The Rota-Pro® rotational chair bed helps to get you in and out of bed independently to help you keep your mobility.

The Rota-Pro® offers an alternative solution to hoists or care assistance with a simple, comfortable, and dignified means of getting in and out of bed. Complete with a med – high risk pressure reducing mattress and bespoke bedding to hold a pillow in place the Rota-Pro® profiling bed can be configured to turn to the left or the right depending on your preference, and all positions are re-programmable for maximum comfort and support.

Detailed Specifications

User weight    22st / 138kg
Fabric N/A
Colours Beech
Motors 4
Side rails Yes
Length 200 / 210 / 220cm
Height Min 16in / 40cm - Max 33in / 83cm


Mattress Med - high risk included                                       
Footboard Yes
Headboard Yes
Handset illuminated and labelled

3ft 6 / 90cm


The bed has a beech timber finish headboard, and side-rails that simply lift and lock and a powder coated steel frame for durability and easy cleaning. The 4 castors make the bed easy to manoeuvre and have individual brakes so the bed can be parked securely in place and there is a 5-section slatted mattress support for the pressure relief mattress which is also included.

Additional Information

This fantastic bed comes with many features such as the battery backup, stainless steel hand rails that are removeable, lifting pole and grab handle. The profiled pressure reducing mattress and foot block has a waterproof, 4-way stretch vapour- permeable cover for comfort and ease of cleaning. The multi adjustable position hand set is luminous and clearly labelled for ease of use and there is a service hand control for re-programming of the profiling, rotation and seating positions to suit the users needs and comfort.

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