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The Prestige Dual 6ft Bed

The Prestige Dual 6ft Bed

The Prestige Dual 6ft Bed

The Prestige Dual 6ft Adjustable Profiling Bed

  • 2 x 6 button handsets
  • Memory foam mattresses as standard
  • Heat & massage available
  • Choice of fabrics
  • Headboard included

The Prestige Twin is a dual 6ft bed handmade by master craftsmen using the finest natural materials. The Prestige comes complete with an upholstered headboard and two 3 ft memory foam mattresses as standard. The memory foam reacts and responds to body heat and weight by moulding to the contours of the body, optimising support.

The Prestige Dual Twin Bed has two handsets, one for each side so the bed can be individually adjusted to suit the user.

There is also a choice of mattresses to suit individual postural and pressure needs.

Max user weight 20st each side

Detailed Specifications

User weight  20st each side
Fabric Standard
Colours Choice of colours 
Motors 2
Handset 6 Button
Length 6ft 6
Height 23in / 57.5cm


Drawers Optional Extra
Mattress Memory foam comes as standard    
Headboard Yes
Handset 6 button