Pronto Air Electric Wheelchair

Pronto Air Electric WheelchairThe Invacare Pronto Air Personal Transporter is the future of portable mobility transport. The fresh new modern design looks almost futuristic yet the Pronto Air PT is so simple and easy to use it will fit right into your daily life and you’ll wonder how you managed before.

The Pronto Air PT delivers all the performance necessary, its very compact and the energy efficient in line motor technology provides a greater range for a chair of its size.The Air Personal Transporter allows the freedom to travel without expensive additional equipment to transport and dismantles into 3 manageable parts to fit into most mid-size cars.

The Unique MyBody seat that was created by Invacare to enhance improved posture by means of contoured, pressure relieving foam that supports the common pressure points giving you a far more comfortable ride experience. There is also a bag that attaches to the back of the MyBody seat to carry personal effects. The heaviest part of the Pronto Air is the chassis, which has two grip points on the footplate and rear chassis to make it easier for lifting by either 1 or 2 people and the 17AH battery pack has a handle and is simple to disconnect.

Max user weight 17.8st / 113kg

Colour: Silver