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NRS Novelle Clip-On Raised Toilet Seat

NRS Novelle Clip-On Raised Toilet Seat

NRS Novelle Clip-On Raised Toilet Seat


Clip-On Raised Toilet Seat

  • Height 3in / 7.5cm
  • Aperture 11 x 9in / 27.5 x 22.5cm
  • Simple tool free fitting
  • Easy to clean

A simple to install 3in raised toilet seat that gives you a total of an extra 4in added to your existing toilet seat height. The Novelle clip-on raised toilet seat is very easy to fit and remove compared to other types on the market. The seat just clips onto your existing toilet seat so there is no need to remove your toilet seat or lid. A wide front opening enables easy personal cleaning.

Product Specs

Make your daily routine much easier with the Novelle Clip-On Raised Toilet Seat. Clipping onto your existing toilet seat, rather than the bowl, it’s easily removed and ideal for travel, attaching and releasing with just a simple squeeze and push motion.

As it’s higher than your regular seat, it gives you much better access and makes using your toilet much easier.

Featuring cut out sections at the front and back for personal cleaning and coccyx pressure relief, it’s made from white plastic with smooth and rounded edges for complete comfort.

NRS Novelle Clip-On Raised Toilet Seat