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Drive Devilbiss Portable 4 inch Bath Step

Drive Devilbiss Portable 4 inch Bath Step

Drive Devilbiss Portable 4 inch Bath Step


Portable 4 inch Bath Step

  • Max user weight 22st / 140kg
  • Surface area 20 x 16 x 4in / 50 x 40 x 10cm
  • Attractive textured non slip surface
  • Easy to add extra sections

Designed to make it easier for getting in and out of the bath this bath step is 4in / 10cm high made up by 2 x 2in segments, allowing the step height to be altered if necessary. This modular system enables you to purchase and add additional 2in sections if required. This lightweight portable bath step has four non-slip feet on the bottom step to reduce slipping.

Product Specs

Product specs include:

  • Built-in, attractive, padded surface
  • Non-slip feet provide stability
  • All surfaces are easy to wipe clean
  • Step makes stepping in and out of bath safe

Multiple steps can be stacked on top of each other to give height increments of 5cm (2") to suit different user/bath requirements.

Four circular plugs on upper surface of step are easily removed to allow another step to be inserted into them for secure locking when stacked.

Drive Devilbiss Portable 4 inch Bath Step

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