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Drive Devilbiss Aquilla Electric Bath Lift

Drive Devilbiss Aquilla Electric Bath Lift

Drive Devilbiss Aquilla Electric Bath Lift


Drive Devilbiss Aquilla Electric Bath Lift

  • Robust sucker-release handle and auto-locking seat unit
  • Allows positioning far back in bath for increased legroom
  • Slim-line hand control with large rocker switches that can be used one hand
  • Easily operated by users with limited dexterity or visual impairment
  • Will not lower user without enough battery power to rise 

Detailed Specifications

Colour Mint
Detachable Yes
Folding Yes
Swivelling Seat Transfer Optional
Padded Seat Yes
Machine Washable Covers Yes
Head Rest No
Height Range 7.5cm - 44cm
Seat to Back Rest Height 27in
Adjustable Back Reclining
Seat Width 14.5in
Product Weight 9.6kg
User Weight 22st
Warranty 12 mths
Drive Devilbiss Aquilla Electric Bath Lift

Product Specs

The Aquilla has a streamlined, higher-than-average design which increases shoulder, neck and/or head support avoiding additional costs of headrests.

The compact design optimises legroom and allows good bathing space even when fully reclined and the low seat height provides good immersion.

The Aquilla has a compact design both lightweight and flat-folding and it separates into 2 lightweight sections for ease of transportation.

Colour: Mint covers

Optional Extras

With a backrest that reclines at the touch of a button, the Aquila Bath Lift is particularly suited to users whose specific conditions may benefit from opening the seat-to-back angle.

Weighing under 10kg, the robust and compact Aquila offers an array of accessories making it flexible for use by both adults and children in a variety of bath styles.

Drive Devilbiss Aquilla Electric Bath Lift