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  • Mondays-Fridays: 9:30AM to 4PM
  • Saturdays: 9:30AM to 12:30PM
  • Sundays: Closed

Servicing & Repairs

We are able to service or repair any mobility scooter

Southern Mobility Services Basingstoke undertake all kinds of Mobility Scooter Servicing in Basingstoke we are able to service or repair any scooter, powerchair, Rise & Recline or wheelchair using the very latest computer software to help diagnose faults and problems that a scooter or powered wheelchair may get.

We have extensive workshops where we also undertake mobility scooter and powerchair repairs for insurance claims.

We have extensive parts in stock including all types and sizes of Mobility scooter batteries in Basingstoke.



Servicing from £20.00

Small Scooter

Servicing from £49.00

Medium Scooter

Servicing from £70.00

Large Scooter

Servicing from £70.00


Servicing from £75.00

All serviced scooters/powerchairs are brought back to our workshop so we can perform a full discharge battery test which can take up an hour & a half per battery for a professional test which will flatten the batteries after which we will fully recharge before we deliver your scooter/powerchair back to you. (A home test with a multi-metre is a volt test not a true battery discharge test ) We will give customers a fully comprehensive print out of how their batteries are performing.



  • Check motor brushes
  • Check ignition switch and lubricate
  • Remove wheels and grease shafts
  • Check indicators and hazards
  • Check charger output
  • Check condition of tyres
  • Check safety cut-outs
  • Check chassis and lubricate release mechanism
  • Check and adjust brakes
  • Check steering column comfort adjust mechanism
  • Road test
  • Check forward and reverse levers
  • Check horn
  • Check and tighten wheel nuts
  • Check forward and reverse levers
  • Remove seat, check pole mount and grease pole
  • Tighten battery connections
  • Check and adjust tyre pressures
  • Check general condition of all cables and shrouds
  • Check/adjust and lubricate steering column
  • Full mobility Scooter/Powerchair service sheet
  • Check speed adjuster
  • Check lights
  • Check free-wheel mechanism
  • Full battery discharge test with print out
  • Check fuses
  • Check rear safety casters
  • Check and lubricate swivel, recline and forward/back
  • Cleaned scooter/powerchair
  • 2 Battery test reports
  • Check/adjust and lubricate suspension
  • Check/adjust and lubricate steering track rods